Grace Tuton's Inspirational Dedication to Her Four Legged Partners

Grace Tuton's Inspirational Dedication to Her Four Legged Partners


We met Grace, well-known rider on the West Coast, a year ago and were immediately impressed with her riding success. Seeing first hand her love and dedication to her horses has left us with even more respect for this inspirational girl. Managing her own horses is a testament to her hard work ethic, determination, and most importantly dedication to her four legged partners. 

Name: Grace Tuton
Home Base: Scottsdale, AZ 
Discipline:  Hunters, Eq & Jumpers
Horses: Sorbet, Lautento, Winchester and Joaquin
How it all started:  I started riding11 years old.
Recent Highlight of your Riding Career:  Sorbet (see photo) winning the Junior Hunter Stake at Devon 2017 with a score of 92 and earning Reserve Champion.  She was also Reserve Champion at Junior Hunter Finals, also winning the Classic Round.
Horse that had the most important impact of your journey:  All of the horses/ponies I have had throughout the years have made a big impact on my riding today.  I have been really lucking to have many horses of a lifetime.  My first pony's name is Nicodemus and he is the best! Our farm is named after him.
Lauento (Lava) is also very special to me, when we met there was never really a "getting to know you" period, we each just loved each other immediately.  He really came into my life at a time where I really needed a personality like his and he has been such a friend to me ever since. He has really been the one to make me want to do more with this sport and eventually ride professionally.
Most Challenging Time in your Riding Career: Just learning to stay focused on what is important. Not letting myself mess with my own head and just enjoy riding.  I am such a planner, so learning to just let things evolve has been something I have had to learn.
How did you overcome this Challenge?: Finally one day I just tome myself that if I really wanted to do this well I needed to just ride and stop second guessing or overthinking.
Most Rewarding Moment:  I try to appreciate all the moments that come along with horses. One unforgettable moment was at Devon and hearing Soba get a 92, was pretty surreal. I also have a lot of special moments with my horse Lava (Lauento). He is one of the sweetest horses. I can walk into his stall and lay down while he is eating his food, or standing around and he will walk over to me, make a circle, and lay next to me. If he feels like he is not close enough to me, he will get up, make a new circle and lay down with his head right next to mine.
Who has Inspired you?: My trainer Sherry Templin has always been an inspiration to me, not only as a rider, but as a person as well. Her love for the animals and strong work ethic is truly remarkable. She has taught me not only to ride, but how to properly take care of the horses.  The horses and animals always come first with her, which is also very important to me.
Words to Live By:  Not horse related, but a good quote non the less. "For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth."- Bo Bennett
Looking forward; where do you see yourself? Continuing to ride and work with horses.
Looking back; what advise would you give your younger self? Really appreciate every moment. Being focused and serious about what you love is great, but don't sweat the small stuff or mistakes.


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