Emma Weinert's Incredible Journey from Down Under to the Top of the Podium

Emma Weinert's Incredible Journey from Down Under to the Top of the Podium


Armed with sheer determination and an abundance of talent, Emma has forged her own path to the top of the podium. In 2008 destiny would prevail, riding in a Steffen Peters Clinic in Sydney would change her life forever. Determined to learn from the best, she packed her bags and headed to San Diego to follow her dream to become an International Grand Prix rider. Emma's graceful riding has taken her and her horses up through the levels with great success. Her ability to train and develop young horses has been the cornerstone of her success, and one which she shares through her clinics throughout the United States as well as her beloved homeland of Australia. Emma's quest proves she has the heart of a warrior wrapped in the elegance she brings to the centreline.
Name: Emma Weinert
Home Base: San Diego, CA - from Sydney, Australia
Discipline:  Dressage
Horses: Currently competing on Velvet & Zidane
Started Riding:  5 years old
Recent Highlight of your Riding career: Winning the Grand Prix Special at San Juan Capistrano CD1***(Festival of the Horse) and hearing my National Anthem play for me for the first time!
Horse that had the most impact on your journey: This is such a hard question! I think every horse teaches us so much but Velvet has really impacted my journey by teaching me to ride with feel and not pressure. She is also the first horse to take me into the International Grand Prix arena so she is very special to me!
Most Challenging Time in your Riding career: There are so many ups and downs with riding which we all know and have experienced but I'd say making the move to the US to train was the most challenging for me. I am so close to my family and love my country but I knew that for me, if I didn't make the move I wouldn't get to where I wanted to go so I made the decision and have no regrets!
How did you overcome this Challenge? Well first I had to overcome my HUGE fear of flying - that was fun. NOT! Haha! I just took everything step by step. My dad always says that when you need to climb, just focus on the first step or task and tick that off the list and then move forward and repeat. Never look at the entire mountain because you just get overwhelmed and move nowhere. Just tick one thing off at a time and before you know it, you're over the mountain. So I always try to think of that with any challenging thing that comes my way. It helps!
Most Rewarding Moment: I just love training the horses and any time that you can teach them something and they really understand it and say "yes I've got it!" - this is the most rewarding moment for me. Really creating a bond with your horse and have them look to you and feel like they would do anything for you. Is there anything better than that? I don't think so!
Who has inspired you? Shannon and Steffen Peters! Every. Single, Day. Love them! I have trained with Shannon for 8 years and she still puts so much effort into those three things. I think that's pretty amazing and feel very grateful. It's so important to find a coach who believes in you!
Words to Live By: The harder I work, the luckier I get.
Looking forward; where do you see yourself? Back at my home in Australia training horses, coaching and with my family and training via Skype! :)
Looking back; what advise would you give your younger self? I'd say hold on for the ride! Trust your instincts and don't worry about what other people think. This is such a hard lesson to learn, especially if you're a people pleaser and I think it comes in time.  This is a competitive sport and people always talk regardless, so just stay focussed on what you're doing and on your horses and keep trucking along toward your goals.
Note: To learn more about Emma; please visit her website: www.emmaweinert.com
Photo credit: Terri Miller Photography


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